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Electrical Duties, LLC. believes safety is a value that must be continually maintained in order to provide their employees, clients and customers a safe and productive work environment. Safety is the job done.

Meter can up-grades


1When do you need to up-grade your meter can?
After several years of exposure to our South Florida’s weather, continuous use, and the constant addition of appliances and other various loads, there comes a time for a meter can upgrade and electrical service wire up-grade to properly handle these extra loads. Having these up-grades can save you thousands of dollars in damages and prevent an electrical fires.
As part of our meter can upgrade service we will:
• Inspect your current meter can
• Advise if you need to up-grade your present meter can
• Provide a written estimate
• Open needed permits with the proper municipality
• Complete the installation
• We will pass final inspection and submit to you, a signed off permit either for your own records or to submit to your insurance company.

Were you told your meter can is damaged or outdated byF.P.L., and
that you need to have a licensed electricalcontractor pull a permit to
perform a safety check and complete the needed repairs?
We also offer fast meter can repair service for loose, corroded, burnt or damaged meter can sockets and internal parts.

Electrical Duties can help you, contact us!

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